CD Projekt shares rise after Cyberpunk 2077 page appeared in PS Store

Cyberpunk 2077 returned to PS Store last night, with CD Projekt‘s shares rising markedly โ€” by more than 8%. So far, this is a drop in the sea, because by the time of its release in December 2020, the value of one share was 443 PLN โ€” now it is struggling to exceed 200 zlotys. However, this is at least some positive process, because they have only been cheap for the last six months.

The removal of the game from the PS Store, in addition to the rest of the scandals, hit the game’s sales hard โ€” as analysts noted, the company did not sell one million copies in the first quarter. Most interested bought the game at the time of release.

Investors are concerned that the studio will no longer manage to regain player confidence โ€” at least since Cyberpunk 2077. Most players don‘t expect a similar outcome either.

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