‘CDA and VVD guilty of building farct’

Politicians Terpstra (CDA) and Nobel (VVD) state in De Zaff (Tel. 25/11) that the cabinet housing construction is 3-0 behind due to rules on nitrogen, PFAS and noise standards around Schiphol. But it is the VVD and the CDA itself that are responsible for the construction industry with their indomitable urge to grow aviation into the sky.

The noise standards at Schiphol are not the problem, but the noise of subsidised flights of 10 euros to Barcelona. And is the construction now stopped by the toxic PFAS or by the parties (VVD and CDA) that consistently prevent the reduction of the emissions of this poison? Is it the nitrogen rules that lock construction or those parties that do not dare to opt for real solutions? Recently, research showed that if one turkey farmer stops, we reduce more nitrogen than the reduction of the speed limit for all cars in the Netherlands. It is impossible to have the largest airport in Europe, the largest chemical sector, the largest bio-industry and, at the same time, to solve the housing shortage. You have to choose. CDA and VVD opt without exception for Schiphol, the industry, etc. Never pay for house seekers, nature or the polluter.

Eva van Esch (member of the Party for the Animals)