CDA board: no mistakes in list puller election, The Younger the winner

No procedural or system errors were detected in the voting procedure for the new CDA list puller. This is the conclusion of the investigation carried out by the CDA board by an external party.

The board had initiated the investigation after doubts had arisen about the outcome, with CDA Minister De Jonge being elected by the members. That doubt is no longer necessary, De Jonge is the rightful winner, is the conclusion of the investigation.


The wife of one of the losing candidates, MP Pieter Omtzigt, had reported that after voting, she was thanked for her vote for De Jonge, while she thought she had voted for her husband. Five other reports came in, also from people who thought they had voted for De Jonge and were thanked for their vote on Omtzigt.

The third candidate, State Secretary Mona Keijzer, also asked for a further investigation by external parties after the doubts.

The party board now reports that this investigation has shown that the vote on a certain candidate really did lead to the registration of the vote on that candidate. The external system administrator has determined that the codes on the voting forms do not contain any errors.

The investigative report also contains criticism of the working method. The design, construction, testing and implementation of the voting software took place “with insufficient separation of functions”. As a result, an in-depth quality test was not possible.

But the investigation did not subsequently reveal that this method of working led to an incorrect result, according to the CDA board.

Former candidate and Member of Parliament Omtzigt accepts the findings. On Twitter he says: “With this enormous support I want to build a strong, solid and honest Netherlands from the bottom up from the CDA as running mate of list leader Hugo de Jonge and other CDA members

About his wife and her report that something had gone wrong with her voice, he says: “I trust that my wife, who is like rock in the surf for me, voted for me. So those six mix-ups remain the mystery of the election for me.”