CDA Brabant: De Jonge and Omtzigt together figurehead campaign

Pieter Omtzigt should be given just as prominent a role in the CDA campaign for the elections to the House of Representatives as Hugo de Jonge. That is what the Noord-Brabant section of the CDA writes in a letter to the national board, which is in the hands of RTL News.

The letter was sent on 21 August, more than a month after the results of the internal candidate elections. The Brabant CDA‘s want their party to enter the campaign with two figureheads. Side by side. So not everything is automatically number one, but strategic deployment of both very competent gentlemen

Minister De Jonge narrowly won the turbulent election from Member of Parliament Omtzigt. In his victory speech, De Jonge referred to his opponent as a ‘running mate‘. The Brabant section wants to have clarity in the short term about how this role will be fulfilled, and makes a few suggestions in the letter.

Just as much support

Thus, both De Jonge’s and Omtzigt‘s views must be reflected in the election programme, and they must both have their fingers on the pulse when compiling the list of candidates. The Brabant CDA’s also believe that Omtzigt should receive just as much support as De Jonge and should be just as visible.

As far as we are concerned, this means that both candidates form a closed front, but also that each time we look at who can generate the most impact for the party, and when

The CDA now has 19 seats in the House of Representatives. In the last poll, from July, the party stands at 13 to 17 seats, but in more recent polls the Christian Democrats are dropping further away.