CDA Congress on Omtzigt and Party Situation by September

The CDA will hold a special conference by mid-September. The party announced this following a request from a large number of party members. โ€œAlso in the many support sessions we have had over the past few days and weeks, we find that members are cravings for a conference,โ€ says in a communication from party leader Hoekstra and Chairman Van Rij.

In the CDA there is a lot of unrest about the situation around Pieter Omtzigt. He announced Saturday that he was thanking as a CDA member, after a very critical memo of him was leaked.

The party summit hopes that the conference can be held live and not digital. The Congress will include the conclusions of the CDA committee that examines the situation around the elections. That committee comes with its report in early July. Furthermore, the theme โ€œthe CDA as a broad peoples partyโ€ is on the agenda.

Hoekstra not afraid of stepping more group members

CDA leader Hoekstra is not afraid that more members of the CDA Group will be taking off. Thats what he said after the first group meeting since Omtzigt took off.

Hoekstra said, โ€œWere just moving on with each otherโ€. He added that the CDA has made a great effort to keep Omtzigt within the party and that members of the group have also committed themselves to that. โ€œAnd yet we havent succeeded, and were incredibly sorry,โ€ the CDA leader said.

โ€œGroup wanted to continue with Omtzigtโ€

When asked whether the Omtzigt Group wants to recover, Hoekstra replied that the group wanted to continue with him and that it remains unchanged: โ€œBut he has drawn this conclusion, what is happening in the long term is difficult to see and we would have loved to see it differently.โ€

According to Hoekstra, many group members of the CDA are disappointed with what happened and many are also in their stomachs with what is in Omtzigts note.

CDA and Formation

Hoekstra reiterated that the CDA wants to negotiate a new cabinet when there is much to be realized of the election program, but that it is still a serious option to enter the opposition.

The CDA foreman had another conversation with informator Hamer this afternoon, together with VVD leader Rutte. According to Hoekstra, it was about the content and not about the stability of the CDA. Rutte answered the question of whether he still finds the CDA a stable party, with which he would like to rule, with โ€œyesโ€. Furthermore, the VVD foreman didnt want to elaborate on that.

Hamer receives Hoekstra again this afternoon and Rutte tonight: both group chairmen will be joined by D66 leader Kaag.