CDA divisions fire letter: rule with Rutte ‘no option’

Some twenty CDA departments oppose participation in a cabinet with VVD leader Rutte. They find such an entry โ€œunbelievableโ€ and โ€œno optionโ€, according to a letter of fire sent to the CDA board and the First and Second MPs.

The letter leaked through ThePostOnline tonight and was prepared by the CDA department Heerlen. The letter is also signed by the CDA youth branch and the local departments of Heerlen, Steenbergen, Maastricht, Voorst, Landgraaf, Beuningen, Brunssum, Soest, Voerendaal, Valkenburg, Moerdijk, Eijsden-Margraten, Zwartewaterland, Dantumadiel, Losser and Arnhem.


The departments fear that participation in a new cabinet with Rutte will be at the expense of their own story. โ€œTaking responsibility is in line with the CDA, but it can also serve the country from the opposition, from the framework and control role which the House of Representatives has to take on much more firmlyโ€, says the letter. One of the authors, Heerlen‘s group chairman Marco Peters, said in the radio programme Lijn de Lijn en Omstreken about Rutte: ‘That man cannot be trusted.

According to the letter writers, the party should become a broad People’s Party, as proposed by the CDA MP Omtzigt in his book A new social contract. The departments believe that in the CDA campaign there has been too little recognition and appreciation of Omtzigt‘s views. โ€œHis story is widely supported in society.โ€

Omtzigt obtained 342,000 preferential votes in the Second Chamber elections. โ€œBut even outside his electorate, the support for Omtzigt is audible, from left to right and even to a group that is not politically engaged.โ€

In the

light of the payment affair, the authors emphasise, and it became clear that for years the government had informed Parliament and the judiciary untimely, incomplete and incorrect. โ€œMark Rutte is the personification of this decline of democratic values.โ€

The CDA lost 4 seats in the Second Chamber elections and now holds 15 seats. At the moment Informer Tjeenk Willink is working to see which parties have sufficient confidence in each other to form a government together. CDA leader Hoekstra has so far been very relentless to participate in a cabinet again. โ€œThe ball lies with the biggest party VVD and the big winner D66, says Hoekstra with great regularity.

The Heerlen CDA’er Peters is very critical of Hoekstra, who may have also complained about the critical actions of their party colleague Omtzigt. โ€œThe one who lies must disappear,โ€ says Peters in the radio call.