CDA investigates claims Van Lienden about informing party mouthcap merits

The party board of the CDA examines what is true of Sywert van Lienden‘s assertion that he already told the party about his commercial activities in the use of mouthcaps last autumn.

Van Lienden said in the television programme Buitenhof that he has reported the existence of his BV to the integrity committee. But the party board says that that committee has not received a report.

On this subject, after the program, the party administration sent a tweet:

Van Lienden has been regularly seen in the media since the first corona wave in March last year with his Stichting Helptroops. Initially, the Ministry of VWS failed to get enough mouthcaps in the Netherlands and Van Lienden decided, with the support of large companies, to store caps for the Netherlands in China.

In recent weeks, De Volkskrant and Follow The Money revealed details of the agreements between Van Lienden and the ministry. This caused a lot of criticism, among other things, of the profits made and the political contacts that Van Lienden put in.

The founders behind the foundation turned out to have paid millions of euros to themselves through a BV. Furthermore, it appeared that the Ministry had granted EUR 100 million in pre-financing, while Van Lienden himself said that he had run financial risks.

VWS has an investigation into the matter, so the CDA board is now investigating whether Van Lienden reported the BV to the party, as he said in Buitenhof:

Sywert van Lienden co-wrote the CDA election program. Recently, among other things, he was accused of using contacts from his political network to get the deal.

Van Lienden said to have had contact with Minister Van Rijn (a Pvda’er) in Buitenhof and with the personal assistant of CDA minister De Jonge. That initially started on another issue, about a shipment for home care, says Van Lienden. Then, according to him, a top Treasury officer came back to him about the deal. Van Lienden said about De Jonge‘s assistant that he โ€œcould imagineโ€ that โ€œthey knewโ€ that he had a BV. I think it was over the tableโ€.

Van Lienden said โ€œafter the summer, towards autumnโ€ to the integrity committee of the CDA that besides a nonprofit foundation, there was also a BV.

The CDA is now going to investigate this further.

Room: quick clarification needed

ChristenUnie, Labour Party and D66 ask new supplementary questions to Minister Van Ark for Medical Care. The MPs Kuiken (PvdA), Paternotte (D66) and Bikker (ChristenUnie) want to know, among other things, whether it is true that the National Consortium Assistive has objected to the deal twice.

Labour Party member Kuiken, who previously mentioned the course of events โ€œshamelesslyโ€, says that more questions have arisen after today’s โ€œremarkable broadcastโ€. โ€œMy eyebrows started to frown more and moreโ€, says Kuiken, who wants to know why this company got this deal. โ€œWhile the LCH would have questioned price and security of supply several times?โ€

Nicky Pouw of JA21 wants a new debate on the issue and will request it on Tuesday.

Minister Van Ark announced today, via a spokesman, that she already indicated in the debate last week that ‘the bottom stone must rise up’. There is currently an investigation, the Chamber is being informed about this in the short term, according to Van Ark today to DeccEit.

Also former Minister Van Rijn was asked by DeccEit for a response, He gave to the ongoing investigation of VWS not to want to get in the way and referred further to VWS.