CDA leader Hoekstra: Omtzigt departure makes formation not extra complex

The formation has not necessarily become more complicated as Pieter Omtzigt has cancelled his membership of the CDA. Thats what party leader Hoekstra said before his conversation with informator Hamer and Christenunion leader Segers.

โ€œThe playing field – when it comes to who can with whom – looks tricky anyway,โ€ Hoekstra said. โ€œSo in that sense, its the same as last week.โ€ So the CDA is still willing to talk about cabinet participation, or in the words of Hoekstra: โ€œIf you can realize much of your agenda, then you have to take a serious look at that.โ€

Incidentally, the CDA leader hasnt thought much about the formation in recent days, he stressed. โ€œI was working with the party at first.โ€ And it will stay that way in the coming period, he expects.

Hoekstra is not afraid that Omtzigts departure leads to a further split, because, according to him, many people in the party โ€œwant to continue with the agendaโ€. When asked if the break can be undone, the party leader says the door is always open. โ€œIf its still to be repaired, love.โ€

JA21 and Volt

Because Omtzigt is no longer a CDA member, the parliamentary group shrinks from fifteen to fourteen seats. At least, when Omtzigt takes his seat again when he comes back after his sick leave. At the moment CDAer replaces Omtzigts fur ball.

Numerous means that majority coalitions of VVD, D66, CDA and JA21 or Volt will no longer be possible. They will reach 75 seats. Incidentally, both options have so far been mostly sideways in the information process.

Hoekstra had to keep his attention on the formation much of the morning. After his conversation with Segers, there was another meeting with PvdA leader Ploumen led by Hamer. At the end of the afternoon Ploumen sits with Groenlinks leader Klaver at the informator.