CDA looks at whether Sywert van Lienden can remain a member after a mouthcap deal

The CDA board has recently received a request from a member to dismantling opinion maker and entrepreneur Sywert van Lienden. That confirms the party after a message from RTL News. Van Lienden is in contradiction because of the controversial mouth cap deal he made with the Ministry of VWS.

Van Lienden left 9 million euros to the import of these mouthcaps from China, while he always prevented him from acting out of social commitment and earned not a penny from it.


A spokesman for the CDA says there is a request to deprive Van Lienden of his CDA membership. That will be carefully looked at. The CDA has a special Integrity and Royalty Committee, which advises the Board. That has to make a decision in the end. If a decision is taken to dismiss, the person concerned may appeal.

The Partys statutes say that a CDA member must be โ€œinvolved, unwrinkled, courageous, communicative, transparent, conceivable and respectfulโ€. Van Lienden has been a member for some time and co-wrote the partys election program.

Van Lienden says that he has not been informed by the CDA of the request for disbarment. โ€œIm trying to get in touch with the party board right now.โ€ He has always been open to the CDA and the Integrity Committee. โ€œBut if there are any additional questions I would like to answer them.โ€