CDA: millionaire Hans van der Wind gave a million campaign but did not buy influence

The CDA has initiated the donations made to the partys campaign cash this year. The reason is the criticism that the stepped MP Omtzigt expressed in his leaked note. He wrote that almost a million euros were transferred to the party just before the elections by three people who would have an interest in changing the CDA plans.

A statement by the CDA this evening states that more than a million euros have been received from one person: millionaire Hans van der Wind. He did this through his companies Tetu and Movet Beheer.

According to the CDA, Van der Wind has been a regular donor to the party for fifteen years. He is also chairman of the partys fundraising committee and was part of the campaign team.

โ€œNothing Secretiveโ€

โ€œDonors have in no way been able to influence the partys content course,โ€ says in the statement. โ€œThats an aroused suggestion and something that the CDA is far from throws. We also deeply regret that this image has been unjustly summoned, especially for the donors themselves.โ€

Van der Wind himself also issued a statement. He says that he has been donating to the CDA since 2006 and that these amounts are registered with the Ministry of Interior. โ€œTheres nothing secretive about that. I do that mainly because the thought is appealing to me.โ€


Van der Wind made his fortune with Van Dijk Educatie, de biggest distributeur van schoolboeken in Nederland. Remarkably, as chairman of the fundraising committee, he made a call at the board in November last year because the donations didnt go well after Hugo de Jonge was elected as party leader.

He eventually gave large sums to the campaign himself, but that was only when Wopke Hoekstra took over the baton of De Jonge.

Nieuwsuur spoke briefly to Van der Wind by phone tonight. He stresses that he had also sponsored if Hugo had remained the Young party leader.

The CDA made a full overview of the big donations to the party tonight. This shows that EUR 247,000 has also been received from Stichting Nederlands Entrepreneurs Klima. According to the CDA, the investment company Reggeborgh and the real estate company Orbys are behind this.

Money came in on election day

The CDA, like all other parties participating in the elections, published the donations that had arrived until February 24 this year. The donations of Van der Wind and Stichting Nederlands Entrepreneurs Klima came partly just before, or even on the day of the election. Thats why they were not in the overview that was sent to Home Affairs.

In his leaked memo, Omtzigt already pointed out that the donations were not registered to the ministry. The CDA board says that the later donations need to be submitted to the Home Affairs until July 1, and partly even until July 1 next year.

Due to the suggestions that have aroused, the board has decided to make everything public already, says in the statement. โ€œThis is to be fully transparent about donations.โ€