CDA number 2 Omtzigt takes a bit of gas back after pressure year

The number 2 on the candidate list of the CDA, MP Pieter Omtzigt, will slow down. His advisor confirms the message in De Cceit that he will charge his battery at home in Twente.

Omtzigt is known as a very hard worker who finds it difficult to let go of his files. He has spent a great deal of effort with SP MP Leijten in overcoming the payment affair about the tax administrations fraud hunt for parents with a childcare allowance.


Via Twitter, Omtzigt announces that he is making a pass at the place:

Last year Omtzigt applied for the CDA list attraction and lost it to Hugo de Jonge. Now he is the number 2 next to the new leader Wopke Hoekstra, with a full campaign agenda. Today Omtzigt would have a debate on Radio 1, but his place is now taken by Anne Kuik, the number 3 on the list.

There is a chance that Omtzigt will show up soon after all. For example, around the publication of his book next week.