CDA, PvdA and GroenLinks open attack on Ruttes market thinking and broken promises

CDA, PvdA and GroenLinks have done a lot at their (digital) congresses to Mark Rutte and the VVD.

Wopke Hoekstra, who became CDA leader instead of the chosen Hugo de Jonge at the end of last year, said in his first speech as new party leader that more and more people experience this time as a time of โ€œbroken promisesโ€. According to him, this is due to the liberals. โ€œThe broken promise is the legacy of ten years VVD. The sum of a series of broken promises.โ€

According to Hoekstra, it lacks ‘vision and a policy that gives direction’. โ€œWe all got the message for years that it will be okay if we all pursue our self-interest as much as possible. That is nonsense, of course.โ€

Hoekstra has been Minister of Finance in Rutte‘s third cabinet for four years. He now speaks of a โ€œwinner-takes-all economyโ€ and a government that has become mistrust of its own citizens.

โ€œThe rudder must be aroundโ€

The CDA leader โ€œreally does not want to pretend that it has been just doom and gloom for the past ten years,โ€ but according to him, his major problems have not been addressed at that time.

Hoekstra says that the VVD cannot bring the change that is needed. โ€œThey want to trim the frayed edges. But that’s not enough. The rudder needs to be changed,โ€ says Hoekstra.

First of all, the coronacrisis must now be combated in the coming weeks, says Hoekstra. But he also wants to clarify before the elections. โ€œWe‘ll have to go through when we’re done with the crisis.โ€

Hoekstra is, according to his own words, ready to become Prime Minister and โ€œserve the countryโ€. He believes that after the coronacrisis, the selfishness in the economy must be put to an end. With the CDA, he wants to โ€œgive the middle class more securityโ€ and more โ€œcreate perspective for all hardworking peopleโ€.

PvdA: only in Cabinet that increases minimum wage

The new PVDA leader, Lilianne Ploumen, also turned against Rutte at her party‘s congress. According to Ploumen, the coronacrisis shows the โ€œbankruptcy of the right-wing liberal thinking of the VVD and Rutteโ€. She denounced the contradictions, and the inequality is our country, which, according to her, has only increased due to the coronacrisis.

During the online conference, the members confirmed its list attraction, as successor to Lodewijk Asscher. He resigned in connection with the payment affair, in which he was involved as minister in the previous cabinet.

In her first speech as leader, Ploumen also criticized the CDA. She lashed out at Hoekstra, who removed the increase in the minimum wage in the election program. The PvdA does not participate in that. โ€œWe are not going to sit in a cabinet that does not want to raise the minimum wage,โ€ says Ploumen.

Ploumen said it’s time for a new progressive spring. According to her, left-wing parties should now join forces. โ€œIf we do not form a progressive coalition with left-wing parties, there will be only one laughing and that is Rutte from the Turentjeโ€, says Ploumen.

According to her, the Netherlands should not return to the old normal after the crisis, but to a โ€œbetter normalโ€. โ€œFor some things, the direction has to go back to the government again. There needs to be more room and appreciation for things that are too important to leave to the market, such as care.โ€

She also stressed that the PvdA does not want to cooperate with parties that want to expend people or give them room for racism. She said that under her leadership there will be no cooperation with the PVV and the Forum for Democracy. According to Ploumen, VVD and CDA will not hesitate to enter into that cooperation.

GroenLinks wants‘ OMT ‘for climate

GroenLinkLeader Jesse Klaver also finds the time ripe for more left-wing collaboration. He also opposed Rutte, โ€œTen years of cabinet Rutte in which inequality has increased and our public service has been neglected. Ten years of right-wing politics, with economic growth and return always above welfare and shared prosperity.โ€

Clover spoke of the coronacrisis, but also emphasized the climate crisis. The Netherlands should treat it in the same way as the coronacrisis, says GroenLinks. โ€œThe first thing the next government has to do is to declare a climate emergency,โ€ said the Green Left leader. He advocates the creation of a Climate Management Team (CMT), similar to the OMT for the coronacrisis.

38 countries declared a state of emergency due to climate change following a call from the UN in December. Klaver believes that the Netherlands should do the same.

Campaign different than usual

Political reporter Ron Fresen: โ€œCorona also makes the election campaign that slowly starts to steam up completely different, for example by speeching for empty halls. Because of the crisis, parties do not get their own story into battle, in the polls only Prime Minister Rutte benefits from the crisis. And so he is the man sheAttacks. But corona remains the major uncertainty in the election campaign, and in a crisis like this 17 March is really far away.โ€

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