CDA Secretary of State Keijzer fired after rulings corona access ticket

The missionary Secretary of State Keijzer of Economic Affairs (CDA) was fired by demissionary Prime Minister Rutte because of her statements about the corona entry ticket. Keijzer expressed great doubts about the admission ticket in De Cceit this morning, on the day that it must be maintained for the first time.

In a statement Rutte says that he has decided that, with the agreement of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate, and after consultation with the three Deputy Prime Minister Presidents. โ€œThe said Secretary of State is nominated for dismissal with immediate effect. The work will be taken over by the Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate, Stef Blok.โ€

He also says: โ€œThe statements of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Mona Keijzer, made in today‘s interview of De Cceit, do not tolerate decisions taken by the Council of Ministers recently, and those of important and weighty be nature.โ€

Keijzer sayings

In the paper Keijzer said: โ€œYou see it’s increasingly difficult to explain why the pass is needed in one place and not in the other.โ€ And, โ€œThen I think, yeah guys, are we going on this road or are we going to organize it differently?โ€

Within her party the CDA immediately arose great dissatisfaction with her statements. They are at odds with the cabinet policy of, among others, her party mates De Jonge van Public Health and Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. The cabinet is supposed to speak with a mouth and to promote unity of policy.

Because Keijzer did not adhere to that, her position became untenable.

It‘s not the first time Keijzer has gone against the current. In November 2020, Keijzer said in the television program Op1 that corona experts should not be too pessimistic about celebrating Christmas that year because it made older and vulnerable people, like her mother, anxious.

In December 2020, the Keijzer Ministry showed signs that stores like Hema, Wibra and Action could still open under conditions, while the cabinet had announced a ‘hard lockdown‘ for stores with non-essential products.

In March 2021, the cabinet had to get tested because Keijzer had corona and had been to a council of ministers. She had few complaints she said herself. โ€œDon’t worry; I feel good.โ€

Formation team member

In October 2017, Keijzer joined the Rutte III Cabinet as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate. As a member of the CDA formation team, Keijzer was closely involved in the formation of the cabinet.

She has been in the House of Representatives on behalf of the CDA since 2012. It is part of the group now. Before that, she was alternately councillor and alderman in the North Holland municipalities of Purmerend and Waterland. She then engaged in spatial planning, environment and (youth) care, among others. In the House of Representatives, she was a spokesperson on curative care, asylum and integration.

Keijzer hasn‘t always been in politics. After studying law and public administration in Amsterdam, she worked as a lawyer and mediator.

List Puller Election

Keijzer competed twice in the leader election for her party. In 2012 she lost to Sybrand to Haersma Buma. She lost weight in the first round in 2020. The second round was between Omtzigt and Deputy Prime Minister De Jonge, who won very close at that time.

She then supported candidate Pieter Omtzigt who wanted clarification from the party board about the course of the leader election. โ€œIf there are questions to be questioned at some point, you have to figure it out well to end the discussion,โ€ she said.

Keijzer himself didn’t want to respond today.