CDA Summit: We had hoped for a different outcome with Omtzigt

CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra and acting party chairman Marnix van Rij are shocked and disappointed that MP Pieter Omtzigt has terminated his membership. โ€œWe cannot but respect his decision, but had hoped for a different outcome,โ€ they write in a statement.

Hoekstra also claims to be abused by Omtzigts decision:

Omtzigt announced this afternoon that he wants to continue as an independent member of parliament, now that a note of him with sharp criticism of the party has been leaked.

Hoekstra and Van Rij write that they have given Omtzigt, who has been sitting at home for a few months overworked, all the space to rest and have had many conversations. โ€œWe have tried to do everything we can to prevent this moment. It hurts us as a party that it has to come to an end in this way.โ€