CDA wants paid sex to be punishable

The CDA wants paid sex to be banned. The government party embraces a citizens’ initiative of the youth movement Exxpose, in which this is proposed. The Lower House is talking about it today.

According to Exxpose, vulnerable women are exploited in the sex industry. With the ‘I am unaffordable’ campaign, the youth movement pleads for the introduction of a system in which ‘buying sex’ becomes punishable, just like making money from prostitution by third parties. Such a system already exists in Sweden, Norway and France.

MP Kuik of the government party CDA said in the CCeit Radio 1 Journaal that in prostitution the consent of the woman is bought off by the buyer: “In the first instance the woman does not want to have sex with the person who asks for it, but the offer of money turns the no into a yes. Not everything is for sale.” According to her, there is also inequality.

The CDA MP referred to the many abuses in this sector. “95% of the sex workers in the Red Light District are young women from poor areas in Eastern Europe. What does that say about how we look at these women we’re sacrificing?”

According to Kuik, for example, many women say on TV that they voluntarily work as prostitutes, but you often don’t hear the victims. She thinks that the current prostitution policy in the Netherlands attracts human trafficking.