CDC: Coronavirus spreads rapidly among household members

A report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, published on Friday, closely analysed how the virus spreads through homes.

The study included 101 households in Nashville, Tennessee and Marshfield, Wisconsin. All households had an index patient: a confirmed case of COVID-19. At the time when the index patient first reported the symptoms, no one else at home reported any.

The 101 index patients (each in their own home) lived with a total of 191 household contacts, 102 of which, or 53 percent, tested positive for the COVID-19 test, according to the report.


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. Moreover, the spread occurred โ€œquicklyโ€, the authors wrote:โ€Approximately 75 percent of the infections were identified within 5 days after the onset of the index patients disease.โ€

The report emphasizes that the age of the index patient did not matter: adults, children and adolescents transmit the virus to other people in their homes equally.

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