CDU leader Laschet apologizes for election defeat

Leader Armin Laschet of the German centre-right CDU/CSU has apologized at a private group meeting for the bad result in last Sunday‘s election. He acknowledged mistakes have been made in the election campaign, insiders say to news agency DPA.

The Union, as CDU and CSU are called together, reached 24.1 percent of the vote, the worst nationwide result in the party’s history. Four years ago, Chancellor Merkel led the party received 32.9 percent of the vote.

Laschet sees another chance to reign anyway. with a coalition with the Greens and the Liberal FDP, writes DPA. He said today he wants to give up this so-called Jamaica coalition โ€œnot so fastโ€, writes the news agency.

‘Scholz has best opportunities’

Markus Sรถder of Bavarian sister party CSU congratulated SPD leader Olaf Scholz earlier today on his victory. โ€œScholz currently has the best chances of becoming Chancellor,โ€ Sรถder said. The centre-left SPD won the election by 25.7 percent of the vote. Scholz previously announced that a coalition with FDP and the Greens is preferred.

Scholz and Laschet both said they were hoping to get out for Christmas. But political analysts do not rule out Merkel making the traditional New Year speech at the beginning of 2022.