CDU leader Laschet: party must renew, own position not sacred

CDU party leader Armin Laschet said at a press conference that a change of course is needed within his party. Laschet announces a party day in the short term that also talks about human changes. With this he hints gently on his own departure.

German media previously wrote that Laschet would have said at an internal group meeting that he is willing to resign.

The CDU and sister party CSU suffered a historic defeat in the parliamentary elections on 26 September, led by Laschet. That‘s why the party wants to reform.

So Laschet doesn’t step up now:

He stresses that his own position is not sacred, says correspondent Wouter Zwart. Laschet says it‘s ultimately about the country, the party and not the person. However, Laschet stresses that he would like to do the transition talks on CDU reform himself. For this he says he has the support of the group and the party board.

The Union, as CDU and CSU are called together, reached 24.1 percent of the vote in the Bundestag elections, the worst nationwide result in the party’s history.

Four years ago, Chancellor Merkel led the party received 32.9 percent of the vote. Laschet is the successor to departing Chancellor Angela Merkel. He defeated CSU leader Mark Söder in the battle for Chancellorship.