Cell and community service for threat of abortion clinics

A 37-year-old man from Capelle aan den IJssel is sentenced to prison and community service for threatening staff at abortion clinics. He was imprisoned for 150 days, of which 101 days were probation with a three-year probation period. Also, the defendant must perform a community service of 120 hours. Since the man has already been in custody, he doesn‘t have to go back to jail.

The man sent e-mails to abortion clinics across the country, in which he wrote that employees of these clinics had to be murdered, writes Rijnmond. In these e-mails he sent photos and videos of decapitation and threatened to do something similar to the employees.

In a few cases, it didn’t stick to e-mails. For example, the man complained the facade of a clinic in Arnhem and threw a stone against the glass front door of a clinic in Rotterdam.

โ€œInadmissible and reprehensibleโ€

The defendant is fiercely opposed to abortion. During the substantive consideration of his case, he said that he would find it unjustified to receive a sentence, because he believes it is an opinion.

The court is not going along with this. โ€œBy making threats, the defendant has created an anxious situation for the employees of the abortion clinics. The intimidating way in which he wants to impose his personal views on others is unacceptable and reprehensible,โ€ the court said in the verdict.