Cell punishments for making crystal meth in the Achterhoek

Three men have been convicted of making and possessing the hard drug crystal meth. An American of 37 and a 30-year-old Mexican have to go to jail for four years, and a 20-year-old Colombian has been sentenced to three years.

In May the police invaded a house and outbuildings in the town of Achter-Thresmpt in Gelderland. In a large warehouse there was a drug lab where supplies and chemicals were used to make the hard drug crystal meth.

One of the buildings was used as a living space. The three suspects were arrested on the premises.

Large production possible

Because of the large amount of raw materials and devices, the court assumes that a considerable amount of crystal meth could be made. In order to determine the level of punishment, it is especially important for the court that the suspects were guilty of the production of hard drugs.

Therefore, the court finds prison sentences in place. Because of his youthful age, the sentence for the Colombian is one year lower.

Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous hard drugs of the moment. Its use is particularly addictive and has an almost devastating effect on people, writes the court in an explanatory statement.

โ€œ The production of crystal meth is also very harmful to the environment, given inter alia the high concentration of mercury that is released. Also, on the plot an increased presence of acids has been measured, causing soil contamination. Furthermore, there was a risk of explosion.โ€