Cemetery in Bodegraven target conspiracy thinkers over pedo network

Dozens of people have been active in the last two weeks at the Vredehof cemetery in Bodegraven, South Holland. They placed flowers and action boards on graves that they think the deceased were murdered by a satanic pedonnetwork. The municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk condemns the disturbance of the burial rest. The city has reported to the police.

The municipality has removed the flowers and action signs from the cemetery. The cemetery is not a place to take action, says the municipality. Mayor Christiaan van der Kamp has spoken with several families who indicate that they are very grieved.

Painful, sometimes even threatening โ€œIt is very painful and sometimes even threatening

for the relatives of the deceased and for people who are wrongly accused,โ€ says the mayor. โ€œIn the contacts I have with them, I find that they are very sad and angry about the fact that conspiracy thinkers spread so many lies and deception on social media. This also applies to people who are brought in without having anything to do with it.โ€ The mayor calls it โ€œreprehensible whats happening here.โ€

Also elsewhere in the country, graves have been visited by activists. According to Nieuwsuur, flowers and texts have also been left with the memorial stones of Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen, to the astonment of relatives. โ€œIt is a national phenomenon that we need to discuss with each other much broader how to deal with this,โ€ says the mayor of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.