Censorship in Superhot VR sparked a flurry of negative reviews

The other day, the Polish studio Superhot Team released a very small update to its popular virtual reality game. Patch 1. 0.

22. 1 did only one thing: it removed all โ€œdisturbingโ€ scenes from the game.

In the previous update, developers added the โ€œSkip Alarming Scenesโ€ switch to Superhot VR: help particularly nervous players could exclude all moments that hinted at self-harm or suicid. This seemed insufficient for the studio.

While justifying that โ€œwere living in a difficult time,โ€ developers concluded that they can do better and players โ€œdeserve better. โ€ The games creators decided that there were no such scenes in its virtual reality.

A number of players really expressed concern: in order to progress on Superhot, sometimes they had to perform actions similar to suicide. And if they are not so visible in a regular game, virtual reality can cause discomfort.

However, excessive tutelage has outraged another category of players: they believe they have simply been deprived of a significant amount parts of the game experience and important plot moments. However, the negative feedback scale doesnt seem to make developers go back to the previous option: let players decide for themselves what they want and dont want to see in the game.

So far patch 1. 0.

22. 1 is available only on Steam, but its going to be released on all other devices soon.

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