CEO Belgian competition uses Overmars as an example: ‘Then get my phone’

Lorin Parys, the CEO of the Belgian competition as of 1 April, wants to introduce a kind of social contract between clubs and fans. Parys uses the example of Marc Overmars, which was presented this month at Royal Antwerp.
โ€œWe need a new kind of social contract between football, fans, wider society and policy,โ€ explains Parys on Belgian radio. The former politician wants to sit briefly on a case ร  la Overmars. โ€œOf course. We are an organization of 26 clubs and we will try to help and support them in further professionalizing football.โ€
โ€œIf something like Overmars happens, Ill grab my phone and talk to the club in question about it.โ€ However, Parys cannot prevent Overmars from getting to work in his competition. โ€œWhat we can have a direct influence on is in what kind of climate football is played in Belgium and what kind of social prestige football has. There I want to make a cultural change.โ€