Cerny flames at FC Twente: “Im going back to work right away”

Vaclav Cerny returns to work immediately after a tough season, which ended with games in the UEFA Nations League. On Monday, he enlisted at the first practice of FC Twente.
Im going back to work right away, Cerny tells iSport. After the end of the last season, I focused on the new season. There was not much time to rest.
s teammate Michal Sadílek will soon also return to Twente. Hes training again on Thursday, while he played a very different season than I did. One with a lot more games than me, I came back from an injury. And yet, he only has three more days off than me.
Thanks for the Czech national team was not in the right place for Cerny: I really wanted to. I was excited about it, but I won
t lie that it wasnt difficult. We had quite a few flights, training every day… Ive invaded twice, but it still requires some of your body. I dont complain. These were matches where I was able to compete with players of the highest level.