Certain irritation within Ajax about Schreuder, they just dont speak it

Within the selection, there is irritation about the way Alfred Schreuder leads Ajax. Thats what Theo Janssen thinks. Afterwards, the RTL7 analyst saw how multiple players seemed to hold back in front of the camera.
โ€œI have the feeling that there is a certain irritation within the group. They just don
t say it,โ€ says Janssen, after which fellow analyst Wesley Sneijder nods in agreement. โ€œWhere does that irritation come from? Some players do not perform, but are not switched and are in the base by default. Thats going to live in a group.โ€
Janssen picks Daley Blind out. โ€œBlind really plays very mediocre. At this level, he gets into trouble. With five men in the back, it
s still possible, but with four defenders, its no chance.โ€ Then he addresses Dusan Tadic. โ€œIt doesnt touch a peppernut anymore, seriously?! Nevertheless, he can stay standing. What annoys me: he is busy with others all the time. Pointing, shouting… Please, first do logical things with a ball at your foot. Really dramatic.โ€
Sneijder predicts difficult days for Ajax and Schreuder in particular. โ€œNow its all coming out, eh. Everyone is going to point at each other. Then, as a trainer, you have to be strong, if you still get that opportunity at all. Its two to twelve, I think thats clear.โ€