Certainly 13 dead in California after collision between truck and SUV with 25 occupants

A traffic accident in the U.S. state of California has killed at least 13 people. A truck crashed into an SUV with 25 occupants, both adults and children.

Its not clear why so many people were in this car. Police have started an investigation into human trafficking.

The SUV is fully assembled on the drivers side. Among the dead is the 22-year-old driver. The other occupants were between 20 and 55 years old. According to the police, some of the victims were thrown out of the car.

The injured occupants are between 16 and 55, transferred to multiple hospitals nearby. Also the driver of the truck was injured, but is not in mortal danger.

According to the Mexican State Department, there are at least ten Mexicans among the dead. There are also Mexican wounded.

Place for up to eight

According to American media, the accident was on a quiet road near the Mexican border. Its not clear how the truck and the SUV collided. There are several police investigations into the scene.

The car model, the Ford Expedition, can accommodate five to eight occupants depending on the model. โ€œIt is clear that this car was not intended for so many people,โ€ says a police spokesman.