Chain of Domination patch output to WoW was accompanied by duplicated trailer

Blizzard has released a massive 9. 1 content update to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. And according to tradition, the event was escorted by a new spectacular trailer.

And its unusual is that it is completely Russian: usually only in-game clips are duplicated. The Dark Lands has seen another change in the balance of power.

The jailer is successful in bringing his plan to life (whatever it may be), and his influence extends all over new territories. The only way to contain him in any way is to challenge it right in the womb.

Fortunately, it has just found a new location and it is another faction to earn reputation. Players have to rediscover in the Uthrob and get the long-awaited early minutes the ability to call for transport.

Unfortunately, one of the main story quests “Access to the Utroba” proved impenetrable in the Russian-language version. To deal with the bug, the quest has to be cancelled in the process and take a before.

The first week of the patch is dedicated to mastering new locations, which is also timed. Very soon, on July 7, a new raid opens in which we can challenge the Jailers servants and finally deal with Sylvana and Anduin.

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