Chairman of the Chamber: conversation with fake Volkov could have been avoided

President Vera Bergkamp regrets that the House of Representatives was fooled by someone pretending to be an important employee of the Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. This Leonid Volkov was in reality the Russian Aleksey Stolyarov, who, with another comedian, takes foreign dignitaries more often. The duo posted a montage of the meeting on YouTube yesterday.

Immediately after the incident at the end of April, the House of Representatives announced an investigation into the state of affairs. โ€œThe conclusion is that we were dealing with a person posing as Volkov and that could have been prevented,โ€ says Bergkamp today. โ€œThis calls for even more alertness from the staff of the House of Representatives.โ€

Work Instruction

There will be a new working instruction, not only for the proposed Chamber Committee on Foreign Affairs, but for the whole House of Representatives. Bergkamp: โ€œThe starting point is to verify the identity of the guests.โ€

After the incident, the real Leonid Volkov reacted with disbelief that the two had succeeded. โ€œI expected European callers to be better prepared,โ€ he said to DeccEit. He pointed out that he is easy to find and accessible via social media, thus verifying his identity.

Offer to arrange money

The President of the Chamber tells Eentoday s office that the staff of the Chamber has failed in another matter.

These are reports by the Splinter political party, who had informed the Chamber of Security of an attempt at Russian interference. Party leader Van Kooten-Arians reported to the security department that she had been approached by a Russian with the offer to arrange money for her campaign. Van Kooten-Aaren did not accept the offer, reported EenVandaag earlier.

The Security Service of the Chamber did not pass the report on to the AIVD, and that should have happened, says Bergkamp now.