Chairman of the Chamber: no possibilities to investigate allegations against Graus

Second Chamber President Khadija Arib says she has no authority to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against PVV MP Dion Graus. That confirms her spokesman after reporting by Trouw.

NRC recently reported that Graus, the number 13 on the PVV list, has encouraged his then wife and group employee to have sex with his private security guards for several years. This also happened in the Lower Chamber Building, the newspaper wrote on the basis of a file that is being investigated by the Rijksrecherche. PVV leader Wilders remains behind Graus, he said earlier.

If the accusations against Graus are true, Arib finds that โ€œobjectionableโ€ and โ€œunacceptableโ€, but she stresses that it is up to the Public Prosecutor‘s Office to investigate whether the accusations are correct and whether there is reason for a criminal investigation.

Fractions are about integrity

Arib’s response follows two days after a call from GreenLeft leader Klaver to investigate the case. In the television programme Buitenhof he joined his departing group mate Kathalijne Buitenweg, who argued for an investigation on Thursday. Clover found it up to the Presidium of the House to find out exactly what happened.

Arib confirms that the Praesidium discussed the issue last week, but it was concluded that this is an issue for the Party of European Socialists, just as, in her view, all issues of integrity are a matter for the political groups at the moment.

The President of the Chamber says that a few years ago political groups indicated that they want to investigate these issues themselves. โ€œThere is no employer-worker-relationship with other MPs. In the case of previous incidents, political groups or the Member of parliament themselves have been accountable,โ€ says Arib v. Trouw.