Chairman of the House in letter to Simons: rules apply to everyone

President of Parliament Vera Bergkamp responded in a letter to Bij1 politician Sylvana Simons to the complaint filed by the MP against the action of Vice-President Ockje Tellegen.

Last Monday, Simons didnt get the opportunity to make a point of order in a debate, because Tellegen didnt get the floor. Simons felt intimidated by a comment that PVV er Harm Beertema made outside the microphone. The issue was running high when Simons continued to insist. Tellegen spoke of a โ€œkindergartenโ€. Be1 called Tellegens action โ€œuncivilizedโ€.

Bergkamp includes it in the letter to Simons for her vice-chairman, according to a statement she has made. The letter itself has not been disclosed.

Honor and Conscience

โ€œIn the letter, the President points out that the same rules apply to all MPs,โ€ the statement states. โ€œThe presidents represent the institute of the House of Representatives and are neutral in this role. They do their job to their honor and conscience.โ€

Simons says he feels unsafe in the House of Representatives due to incidents such as Beertema. President Bergkamp points to the discussions she will soon have with all MPs about manners, including Simons. โ€œIn this conversation, the expressed feelings of (social insecurity) in parliament can also be addressed.โ€

Despite several requests, Bij1s MP does not want to address what exactly Beertema said that made her feel intimidated. The PVV er himself claims that Simons MP Caroline van der Plas, who was speaking, laughed at and that he asked her, โ€œWhy that rancune?โ€ and โ€œOr are you hurt again now?โ€.