Chamber debate on Prinsjesdagstukken yields little concrete

The Parliamentary debate on the Paris Papers, the General Political Reflections, has shown little change in political relations.

The VVD went around with a billion euros to spend on the House of Representatives plans. It was meant to be a gesture to the opposition parties, but few parties have signed up to it with concrete plans.

The Chamber more or less agreed on the abolition of the landlord tax. But no knots have yet been cut on how fast it is abolished and what it may cost.

Tomorrow the parties will try to find majorities for their plans, for example, more money for the climate.


There were no major changes in the verbal skirmishes either. Wilders attacked D66 leader Kaag for not immediately attending the debate in the morning. In the corridors, Kaag said Wilders needed a doctor.

And later in the evening, much of the Chamber turned against FvD leader Baudet who had linked the Holocaust to the corona vaccinations and corona evidence. Minister De Jonge sat down with his back to Baudet again. He didnt take his words back.

Debating the day was closed by MP Omtzigt after midnight. He proposed a fairer tax plan. Tomorrow morning the debate continues at 10.15 a.m.