Chamber debates farmer protests, VVD, CDA and CU want mediator

The CDA in the House of Representatives proposes to appoint a mediator who should initiate the conversation between the cabinet and angry farmers organizations. In the Parliamentary debate on the peasant actions, CDA party chairman Heerma referred to this idea of a party member, former Minister Veerman of Agriculture.

Christian Union leader Segers supports the plan. When asked, VVD party chairman Hermans also said that she considers it a good proposal, provided that the nitrogen targets remain upright. Heerma agrees.

SGP leader Van der Staaij thinks it will not work if it is clear in advance that the plans are not affected. โ€œConnecting is a good idea, but then it is not wise to strain those conversations right away by saying that the goals are set. The farmers are saying that they see the policy too much as a dictation.โ€

BBB leader Van der Plas also sees a mediator in principle. โ€œNot an extensive conciliation committee, but a person who gets the conversations going quickly.โ€ She says she has some names in her head for that. It is not yet clear whether the other parties can agree with her on that.

Agriculture Minister Staghouwer wants to organize a meeting with farmer organizations next week. Those organizations must disapprove of the nature of this weeks protest actions, he says.


The debate is also about preventing the actions announced for Monday from getting out of hand again. Van der Plas did not respond to the proposal of D66 party leader Paternotte to make a call together.

Van der Plas: โ€œIm sorry to say it, but a call along with D66 isnt going to work. D66 works like a red rag on a bull for farmers.โ€ She said she has already called for several times not to make freeway blockages and not use force. โ€œHow many times do I have to call that out? Hundred times? A thousand times?โ€

Also PVV leader Wilders stood up for the farmers but made an appeal to the activists: โ€œStay away from politicians at home, stop intimidating and stop threatening. I can know.โ€

CCEIT reporter Marjolein Hogervorst spoke to farmers who live along the provincial road between Steenwijk and Marknesse. There, they look at The Hague with suspicion. โ€œThen you have invested in the future, and you still have to disappear.โ€