Chamber struggles with priority for status holders in times of housing shortage

The House of Representatives is struggling with the fact that status holders can be given priority under the law when allocating a rental home. Status holders are recognized refugees who have received a residence permit after an asylum procedure.

During a parliamentary debate about a proposal of the PVV to put an end to this priority rule among municipalities, various parties said that they can imagine that there are citizens who no longer understand this. For the time being, however, the PVV proposal cannot count on the support of a parliamentary majority.

PVV MP Kops wants to make it impossible with his bill for municipalities to give status holders priority over housing, solely on the basis that they are status holders. Kops wants all housing seekers to be judged the same in all municipalities.


โ€œWe give everyone a good home, but who are the brunt? The Dutch who have been on a waiting list for seven years,โ€ said PVV MP De Graaf. He cites an example of single mothers โ€œmoving from camping to campingโ€ with children.

How did the housing crisis occur in the Netherlands? CCEit on 3 explains in this video:

The PVV receives acclaim from FvD, Groep Van Haga, BBB and JA21. โ€œWhere the sons and daughters of an average Dutchman have to wait for a home, a status holder does have that right and we find that unjust,โ€ said JA21 MP Gold Sword. They are going to support the bill.

Government party VVD agrees with them that it is not the intention that municipalities with housing shortage give priority to status holders while other residents have been on a waiting list for a long time. But whether the VVD will support the proposal of the PVV without further ado does not want to say MP De Groot. โ€œWe are missing a solution to the problem: too few housing,โ€ he said.

Symptom control

The CDA calls the PVV proposal to combat symptom and sees the solution in building more houses so that status holders can integrate faster. โ€œThe people who are talking about here have a refugee status. So pretending to be able to put them on a plane is a very dangerous thought to me,โ€ commented MP Geurts.

The SGP considers the bill, to remove the priority rule from the Housing Act, especially legally not strong. Municipalities continue to have the legal task of accommodating status holders, with or without this priority rule, said MP Bishop. โ€œWill this bill meet the goal? The flow of asylum must be drastically curtailed. Because the reality is that we are dealing with major problems for municipalities.โ€

PvdA, GroenLinks and SP, among others, did not participate in the debate. They announced in writing that they were not in favour and, above all, to look for solutions in the housing market.