Chamber unanimously in favour of deletion of criminal record for corona offence

The entire House of Representatives wants the violation of the coronation rules to no longer lead to a criminal record. Only people who are fined for deliberately violating the rules in a gross way, for example by organising so-called corona parties, should be given a note in their judicial file.

This is stated in a motion by the SP and the Party for the Animals that was adopted unanimously.

Part of the Chamber has been of the opinion for some time that it is unreasonable that people who are too close to each other without intent should be saddled with a criminal record. They point out that this is actually quite ordinary human behaviour, which is only punishable now in coronation time.

Legally difficult

The case is even more topical now that it has become apparent that Minister Grapperhaus also failed to comply with the regulations during his wedding. In yesterday’s debate on the matter, the minister already indicated that he would like to look into the possibilities of preventing the judicial annotation, although this is legally difficult.

A motion of no-confidence and a motion of censure were filed against Grapperhaus, but both did not make it.