Chamber wants ban on untargeted advertising for ‘risky games’

The House of Representatives wants to stop advertisements for online gambling. A motion by SP MP Van Nispen calling the cabinet to impose a ban on โ€œuntargeted advertising for risky games of chanceโ€ received sufficient support in the House of Representatives. Deemissionary Minister Dekker (VVD) had not advised the motion.

The government parties CDA and ChristenUnie and much of the opposition voted for the motion because of concerns about the ever longer periods of time people spend on online gambling sites. They point out that consumers face large amounts of advertising on all kinds of media, such as television. That leads to financial and addiction problems, says the majority of Parliament.


Since 1 October, online gambling has been legal in the Netherlands. Eleven companies have a license to offer gambling and are also allowed to advertise it. The law does impose restrictions. Advertisements should not target vulnerable groups, should not have role models under 25 years of age and may only be broadcast after 21:00.

But, according to the House, these restrictions are not enough. โ€œEncouraging participation in games of chance was not the goal of legalizing online games of chance, but is now actually the result,โ€ the MPs now note.

Too early

Justice Minister Dekker said this week that he thinks its too early for a ban. However, he has warned the gambling companies that less advertising should be broadcast.

It is not yet known what the outgoing minister will do with the adopted request from the House of Representatives.