Chaos and looting at coronarelles in Eindhoven

In the event of the disturbances in Eindhoven, rioters have kept their homes at Eindhoven Central Station. Many destruction have been done in the station hall and a Jumbo branch has been plundered. The windows of the supermarket have been thrown in and shelves have been emptied. All over the ground are glass, debris and supermarket goods.

A ProRail car was destroyed by rioters, pushed upside down and set on fire.

Many destruction has also been done in the bicycle shed at the station. Fences and bicycles have also been used to create barricades against the mobile unit. There are many stones in the city centre and bicycles are set on fire. Parts of scooters have also been drawn.

Because small groups of rioters seem to provoke the police, a kind of โ€œcat and mouse gameโ€ is created in the small streets of the city centre. The police are using tear gas to scare away the rioters.

Around 8:00 p.m., the police reported that there were still โ€œlittle tufts of rioters โ€œon the street. โ€œThey still misbehave.โ€

The train traffic to and from Eindhoven is still quiet. Avoid Eindhoven Central, say the Dutch Railways. Trains run through the city, but they do not stop at Eindhoven Centraal, according to NS. The station has been hermetically sealed by the police. โ€œOur colleagues there are very shocked, but fortunately okay. What a scandalous action!โ€ , tweets ProRail.

The NS speaks of โ€œa terrible situationโ€ and describes the situation at the station as ‘a ravage’. It is expected that the train traffic will start up again in the course of Sunday evening.

Grapperhaus: rightly harsh

Mayors and police have rightly acted hard against rioters this weekend. Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) responded to the disturbances in Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

According to Grapperhaus, the turmoil has nothing to do with demonstrating against coronation policy, but it is criminal behaviour. โ€œShocking images of riots, looting and arson go around. This is simply criminal behavior; people who deliberately rogue police, ME, journalists and other aid workers. The mayors and police have rightly acted hard.โ€

The Minister believes that events are โ€œin stark contrast to all those who have followed all the measures in recent months, stayed at home during the curfew on Saturday night and together trying to get through this difficult time. I make an urgent appeal to everyone in the Netherlands: fight the virus and not each other.โ€

18 Septemberplein

The protesters in Eindhoven gathered around 14.00 hours on 18 Septemberplein. That was wiped clean by the police using a water cannon after the activists refused to leave. The demonstration was illegal, the municipality did not grant a permit.

The protesters had come to the square against the rules anyway. The mobile unit, in the company of dogs, surrounded the square and drove the demonstrators to the center of the square. The atmosphere quickly became grim. Protesters threw fireworks to the police and challenged the ME. He knocked off with batons. Also, the protesters unleashed pavers to throw them at the cops.

Despite the use of a water cannon, groups of protesters remained hanging in the city. Officers put on gas masks and tried to expel the group with tear gas.

There‘s an emergency warrant in Eindhoven. The municipality calls on everyone who has nothing to do in Eindhoven to stay away.

There are about 30 people apprehended. Most for โ€œfailure to comply with the claim to leave the territory.โ€ A number of detainees are suspected of (attempted) serious assault. Police say they have enough footage of the rioters. โ€œThe commitment is now aimed at bringing peace back. We will find wheel turners that are not detained at this time.โ€


The police and the Mobile Unit had to take action on Sunday at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Hundreds of people had gathered there to demonstrate against the rules of coronation. Cops used batons, horses, dogs and a water cannon. About 100 people were arrested.

Fireworks were thrown at the cops. Around 15.30 p.m. the Museumplein was empty, protesters remained in surrounding streets for a long time. The activists were eventually driven by the ME through the Van Baerlestraat to behind the Roelof Hartplein. At the end of the afternoon it was still restless around the Museumplein. The ME is monitoring the situation.

Sunday afternoon an emergency order was issued for the Museumplein, but many did not care about that. It was then decided to intervene. โ€œDespite the many warnings ofmunicipality and police and the proclaimed emergency order, the protesters on Museumplein do not break up. The police are now acting according to the roadmap. After several warnings via amplified sound, the water pitcher was deployedโ€, the municipality said.

The police have been around with a lot of people all afternoon, as there were indications that people wanted to come to Museumplein to commit violence – just like last Sunday – just like last week. โ€œThe triangle does not allow spontaneous demonstrations in the city. Large groups are a danger to public health. There is evidence that people want to abuse the right of demonstration to commit violence,โ€ the municipality said earlier on Twitter.

Last week, social media reports circulated that people who are against the corona measures were planning to โ€œdrink coffeeโ€ in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Indeed, many people had a cup of coffee with them on the Museumplein. The Amsterdam triangle (municipality, police and prosecutor’s office) declared the Museumplein to be a safety risk area from 11.00 a.m. That meant, among other things, that cops were allowed to search preventively.


Last Sunday 2000 people came to Museumplein to demonstrate against the coronameasures. Since the protest in this place and of such magnitude was banned, the police acted. This led to major disturbances and 143 arrests. One of the arrests had a blackjack with him. That is a forbidden weapon in the Netherlands. Three police horses were found to have been abused with it. โ€œNone of these detained persons are allowed to enter Museumplein today,โ€ writes the municipality. โ€œIf they do, the police can, under the authority of the mayor, impose an area ban on each of these persons immediately.โ€