Chaos and Traps in Disney’s ‘Home Alone” Reinvention Trailer

Studio Disney has unveiled a trailer for a reimagining of the Home Alone franchise that will be released immediately on Disney+. As with the original picture, the plot tells the story of parents who indiscretently left their young child home alone for Christmas. And it wouldn‘t be so scary if there weren’t robbers on the horizon.

While the young hero‘s mother tries to return home, the guy decides to fight back the criminals by getting all kinds of makeshift traps in the house. with past paintings, as one of the policemen can be seen having the last name McCallister.

The title role is now played by Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit), and the tape is scheduled to premiere on November 12. More on Gamemania Another closed test World War 3 kicks off on November 25 Saints Row’s new relaunch trailer tells about city neighborhoods To the colorful River platformer Tails: Stronger Together release alpha demo.