Chaos complete at Australian Open: Director Denies Corona Infections

The tournament director of the Australian Open Craig Tiley denied that two players tested positive for the coronavirus at a press conference on Tuesday. Earlier today, Victoria State Health Minister, Brett Sutton, had announced this in a statement.

Sutton said that three people had taken positive control, two players around 30 years old, and a younger woman of about 20 who is not a player. As a result, the number of infections in humans associated with the Australian Open has increased to seven. There were already nine positive controls in total, but two of them were old cases.

But according to Tily, the information about the infected players is wrong. โ€œAmong the six cases from the Australian Open contingent plus that one case, a flight supervisor, there are no players,โ€ he underlined. โ€œThey all belong to the guidance of the pros.โ€

Strict quarantine

The tournament director further stressed that for the time being there are no plans to flush the strict quarantine that 72 players must adhere to on a flight that someone tested positively upon arrival in Australia. They cannot enjoy the benefit measure of training five hours a day.

The Australian Open starts on February 8th, three weeks later than usual.