‘Chaos holds opportunities’: ‘Narco: Mexico’ season three trailer

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for the third season of the โ€œNarcoโ€ spin-off with the subtitle โ€œMexicoโ€, which will be the last for the project. The story will tell the aftermath of the criminal showdown between Fรฉlix Gallardo and the Drug Enforcement Administration as the country descended into chaos. The confrontation between the remaining gangs has heated up and turned into a very real war, and it will not be easy to escape alive.

The sequel to the crime project will premiere on the streaming service very soon โ€” November 5. More on Gamemania Timekeeping of Marvel‘s โ€œEternalsโ€ was 2 hours 30 minutes Evil Genius 2: World Domination is released on consoles November 30, 20 hours in Forza Horizon 5: almost a review this year’s best nextgen race.