Charged against top financial officer of family business Trump

The New York Public Prosecutor has filed charges against former President Trump‘s family business leader after more than two years of investigation. Financial top man Allen Weisselberg (73) of The Trump Organization is accused of avoiding taxes on 1.4 million euros in income.

He would have been given out of books since 2005 for an apartment, cars and other goods and services, which he did not give up to the tax authorities. The Trump Organization, led by former President Donald Trump’s oldest sons, features dozens of Trump family companies, including holiday resorts, casinos and office buildings.

Trump Knowledge

Weisselberg is seen as the most important person in the holding company that does not belong to the family. He has been working for Trump for almost 50 years, who made a name for his political career as a real estate tycoon.

As a top man, Weisselberg has a lot of knowledge of the family‘s finances. American media speculate that knowledge could produce revelations, for example if Weisselberg makes a deal with justice in exchange for a favourable settlement in his case.

Political witch hunting

The company and the top man say they’re not guilty and Donald Trump has always denied that financial abuses are taking place within his holding company. He calls the research politically motivated, โ€œa witch hunt of the radical left-wing Democratsโ€. Chief Prosecutor Cyrus Vance Jr. and Attorney General Letitia James of New York are Democrats.

Topman Weisselberg had to hand in his passport to prevent him from traveling abroad. He can wait for further developments in his home case.