Chef Special vs. Minister Van Engelshoven: Music must be heared

Chef‘Special wants to release new music very quickly. That said frontman Joshua Nolet Saturday during a conversation with Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven at the completely digital Eurosonic Noorderslag this year.

โ€œ We are very busy writing and working in the studio. It just itchesโ€, said Joshua, who released the Unfold album with Chef’Special last year. However, the band has never been able to play the music of that record live for a large audience.

โ€œ We really miss playing, that‘s just in your DNA,โ€ says Joshua. โ€œI must honestly say that I found it a bit relaxed in the beginning, just some rest. But now… you make music, that’s a nice process in itself and you get a lot out of it. But in the end, that has to be heard. You want to see people get hit or be triggered by what you make.โ€