Chelsea does very good business

Chelsea has made a very simple victory on a visit to FC Porto. The formation of Thomas Tuchel did not seem to give the full one hundred percent. Yet Chelsea didn‘t seem to have trouble with the Portuguese for a moment.
At Chelsea, Hakim Ziyech had to start on the couch. The Moroccan playmaker wouldn’
t get rid of that for the whole game either. The duel, which was played in Seville by coronameasures in Portugal, started little spectacularly. Chelsea was in control, but did not create many great opportunities.
However, in the 32nd minute Mason Mount stood up with the visitors. The Englishman turned beautifully open towards the Porto goal, after a pass by Jorginho. Then it was a trick for Mount to actually slide the ball behind goalkeeper Agustรญn Marchesรญn: 0-1. That was also the stand on the scoreboard at rest.

Chelsea in the lead in Seville ๐Ÿ’ซ And who other than Mason Mount takes care of the goal? โšฝ #ZiggoSport #UCL #PORCHE
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) April 7, 2021

In the second half there was little special to experience when meeting between Chelsea and Porto. Chelsea still dictated, although Porto was dangerous from the changeover several times for the purpose of Chelsea goalie Edouard Mendy. The equalizer did not force Porto alone, on the contrary: in the final phase Chelsea also made the 0-2. Ben Chilwell could easily break through the Porto defense, after Jesรบs Corona gave the ball in a clumsy way.

A very nice for Chelsea ๐Ÿด Ben Chilwell benefits from blunder at the back of Porto ๐Ÿ™ˆ #ZiggoSport #UCL #PORCHE
โ€” Ziggo Sport Football (@ZS_Voetbal) April 7, 2021

That eventually became the final result. The final goal ensures that Chelsea returns to London with a particularly good starting position. For Porto, the end of the Champions League adventure comes very close in this way.