Chelsea to CL-final by exceptional Kanté: He can win the Ballon dOr

Chelsea placed in front of the Champions League finals on Wednesday night. Real Madrid had to believe it, partly because of an outstanding NGolo Kanté. Afterwards, the Frenchman was named man of the match and can no longer play, as evidenced by the reactions on social media.
Kanté led Chelsea
s first and second goal against Real Madrid. Timo Werner and Mason Mount were crowned match winners. On May 27, Manchester City is the opponent in the Champions League final, played in Istanbul.

Analysis of matches Chelsea vs Real Madrid = Kante. End of message.
— Maduro Hedwiges (@madurohedwiges) May 5, 2021

The homme of the demi-final entre of Real Madrid and Chelsea.Monsieur Ngolo Kante 👏 #CHERMA
— TFoot (@TFoot__) May 5, 2021

Chelsea midfielder NGolo Kanté is once again the UEFA Player of the match.UEFA Technical Observer John Peacock: He covered a great deal of ground in a very close match. His transitions, both from defence to attack and attack to defence, were excellent.
— ExpectedChelSea (@ExpectedChelsea) May 5, 2021

NGolo Kanté is not just the man of the match, again. Its a special guy and special player. Chelsea board has protected him last summer: two clubs were set to open talks to sign Kanté offering more than €50m, Chelsea answer has always been NO. 🔵🚫 #CFC #UCL
— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) May 5, 2021

Will #Kanté and #Mendy be reminiscent of this competition in the French third class? May 2013 both early twenties. Kanté scoring for Boulogne, Mendy even on the couch at Cherbourg 😃. It could be and all… #Chelsea #CHERMA
— Nicolas De Brabander (@NicolasDB7) May 5, 2021

Another reminder that NGolo Kante cost just £6m when #lcfc signed him from Caen in July 2016 Riyad Mahrez, who will also play in this seasons Champions League final for Man City, was £450k. 😳😳
— John Percy (@JPercyTelegraph) May 5, 2021

NGolo Kanté can win the Ballon dOr.
— Adriano Del Monte (@adriandelmonte) May 5, 2021

Kant tonight #CHERMA #ChelseaRealMadrid
— b-0113 (@Billlz0) May 5, 2021

NGolo Kanté is a machine 😱 Rare de voir un joueur aussi précieux en transition défensive quoffensive. Prépondérant à la perte du ballon pour ses courses de compensation et ses récupérations comme indispensable dans la construction avec ses relais & courses. Maestro #CHERMA
— Bilel Ghazi (@BilelGhazi) May 5, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Real Madrid have filed a complain against NGolo Kante. They claim he has pocketed Duckweed and Modric and hes not willing to let them go.
— FootballFunnys (@FootballFunnnys) May 5, 2021

El mejor centrocampista de la eliminatoria is NGolo Kanté.Casemiro, Duckweed, Modric… Los pulmones del francés juegan por los tres.
— Nacho Jiménez (@NachoJP_) May 5, 2021

POV: Youre a Real Madrid midfielder
— FootballJoe (@FootballJOE) May 5, 2021

With Kante anything is possible
— (@JamzLndon) May 5, 2021

Kante is exceptional. Its 2021 and man is playing like the 2015/16 Kante that won Leicester the Premier League.
— Perikin (@CFCPerikin) May 5, 2021

79% of the earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Major general Ngolo Kante. 🔵
— Jogoo la Shamba Mjini (@JMariotz) May 5, 2021