Chernobylite trailer rededicated to Tatiana

Polish studio The Farm 51, working on the Chernobylite role-playing survivor, has in some ways made full circle. The games announcement was built on the image of a woman in red playing the violin in ruined Chernobyl. And now Tatyana has dedicated a new trailer.

Chernobylites protagonist, Igor, returns to the Zone of Exclusion in the hope of learning that thirty years ago was with his fiancรฉe Tatiana. To do this, he collects on fractal worlds โ€œevidenceโ€, clues and important information, and links them on a special board.

And since time here flows nonlinear, the answers can change both its future and past. Tatianas story is already fully open in the game, developers have already released a Mega-patch and before the release are engaged editing bugs, improving content and checking the relationships of various game elements.

The full version of Chernobylite will appear on RS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July. And a version for the next-generation consoles will be released a little later.

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