Child (4) from New Zealand calls police because he wants to show toys

A 4-year-old Wellington boy called the national New Zealand emergency number because he wanted to show off his toys. Police have released a recording of the phone call, which is told that the preschooler talks about his toys.

When the boy is asked what the emergency he calls about, he asks if he speaks to โ€œthe police ladyโ€. If the operator confirms that, the preschooler tells her to come by and watch his toys.

‘Cool toys’

The boy‘s father takes over the conversation a little later. He explains that there is no emergency and that he had lost sight of the child for a while because he had to pay attention to his other child as well.

The emergency office did eventually send an agent to the house. The preschooler then showed his toys to police officer Kurt, who called the boy’s collection โ€œcoolโ€. The child was allowed to look at the police car and the officer turned on the flashing lights for a moment.

He also spoke to the child and his parents about the proper use of the emergency number.