Child narrowly escapes from falling tree

In the Stadspark in Maastricht, a girl escaped death after a tree suddenly fell over.

A picture shows how her bike was crushed by the tree. โ€œWhen you come home, you realize how bad it could have been,โ€ says eyewitness Raoul Olders to L1. โ€œI wouldnt have been there if the baby had been underneath it.โ€ According to Olders, it was the girls father who intervened in time. โ€œWe could just see that a father could rip his child off the bike at the last minute. If father had been two seconds later or he had been a few metres away from his child, it would have been a completely different story.โ€

According to the municipality, the tree was not known as a risk case. โ€œThere was no reason to believe that it would be a danger,โ€ said a spokesman. The quality of the tree was labeled as good after a fireplace was carried out. โ€œThe tree is hollow inside, but that doesnt mean anything about the quality of the tree.โ€ The trees in the Stadspark are checked once every two years, some trees even annually.

The Party Safe Maastricht writes in an open letter to the mayor and aldermen: โ€œWe understand that we need trees in our city, but we make an urgent appeal to the portfolios to put the safety and enjoyment of citizens first and to ensure that when planting of new trees to see which species can be placed responsibly in the middle of a residential area.โ€