Children have been cut to three hours in China

In China, the permissible pastime in online games for underage users is reduced. In 2019, these gamers were allowed to spend up to 1. 5 hours a day in similar projects, and now the deadlines have been cut once more and much harder โ€” up to 3 hours a week during Friday, Sundays and public holidays.

Only 8 to 9 p. m.

This decision is expected to be a blow to the industry, but its strength remains in question. So, according to Bloomberg, the percentage of underage players on individual platforms is not that high: Tencent has it 2.

6 percent of its entire audience in the second quarter (under 16). However, such a move could still spook investors and generally adversely affect the same Tencents business.

With this tightening of regulations, authorities continue to battle minorsโ€ gaming addiction โ€” earlier this month, local publications increased criticism of the gaming industry and the products themselves even compared to โ€œopium for the soulโ€. More on Gaming The creator of No More Heroes wants to make a game about Deadpool or Mercury โ€œHave you been kidnapped? โ€œ: teaser thriller โ€œGuiltyโ€ author of โ€œTrue Detectiveโ€ Netflixs โ€œCowboy Bebopโ€ actress responds to criticism of Fayes new image.