Children of Silentowns spooky adventure comes out in early 2022

Elf Games, best known for the โ€œstained-glassโ€ adventure Little Briar Rose, is working on the atmospheric adventure Children of Silentown in collaboration with studio Luna2. The famous Daedalic Entertainment company decided to publish it, and it plans to release the game in early 2022. Children of Silentown is to be released on PC and consoles.

But the exact list of supported consoles has not yet been announced. However, RS owners can get acquainted with a free demo released in prologue form.

The main character of Children of Silentown is Lucy. She lives in a village in a forest inhabited by monsters, and children are not allowed to go there.

But now Lucy is quite big, and she is confident that she can handle any challenge. Players have to figure out a terrible secret: where people from the village disappear.

To do this, we will have to explore all the available space, trying not to get into the forest at any point. We are promised a mysterious dark tale with original mysteries.

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