Children on La Palma back to school after volcanic eruption

Most children on the Spanish island of La Palma can go back to school. On the island is the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has been spewing lava out for over two weeks.


In addition to lava, the volcano spews out black clouds of smoke with hot ash. It‘s been bothering the whole island for weeks. Almost all primary school students had to stay at home. Also Marรญa Josรฉ and Keiban. For them, the eruption came as a big surprise as well.

Keiban and Mariรก Josรฉ both don’t live very close to the volcano. Yet they haven‘t felt safe in the past few weeks. Indeed, thousands of buildings were destroyed on the routes of lava flows, and there are plenty of toxic gases in the air. Keiban and Marรญa Josรฉ schools are still there. Since this week they have been taking classes in their own class.

Both kids try to commit themselves to the island. Marรญa Josรฉ made a video about the volcano to help other children understand exactly what was going on.

Keiban participates in the banana challenge: together with his class he eats as many as possible. That helps because there are many bananas growing companies on the island. The lava, as well as the clouds of ash, have ruined much of the harvest. And that’s how they can make money.