Children up to 13 years of age do not have to, but may be tested

Not only will the maximum group size in catering establishments be reduced. Even at weddings, only a maximum of 50 people are allowed to attend in order to prevent a rapid spread of the coronavirus. That is what Minister De Jonge (Public Health) said during a special press conference organised by the Cabinet.

De Jonge and Prime Minister Rutte explained new measures. For many people, the coronavirus has become a distant thing since the beginning of the summer, said Rutte during the press conference. Yet it is not wise to let go of the rules, the Prime Minister warned.

The Youngster responded to the long waiting times for a coronavirus test and announced that children up to the age of 12 with mild complaints do not need to be tested. The Cabinet took that decision following advice from the OMT, said Minister De Jonge. Children with a runny nose, itchy cough or sore throat can simply go to school, the minister said, The risk of spreading is very low It also saves testing capacity. Moreover, it should prevent learning disadvantages from increasing further. Parents who still want to have their children tested can do so, said De Jonge.


Prime Minister Rutte made an urgent appeal to the Dutch to observe corona rules. Not the measures worked, our behaviour made the difference. The motivation of 17 million people to abide by the rules. This urgency must return. We have to feel it again.

According to Rutte, the coronavirus is making a comeback. The OMT advises urgent action. The regional and local approach is at the heart of our strategy

The Prime Minister addressed workers and young people in particular. Many infections can be traced back to work situations, more than 10% And: When you are young it is extra complicated to keep your distance. For young people, this is just a rotting time

Rutte expects that young people will understand the reinforcements. He praised student associations that had made efforts to prevent the spread of the virus. Maybe a little more work is needed in the near future. I also know that young people understand that Minister De Jonge said that in view of the growing number of coronavirus infections, the second wave had begun in the Netherlands. But if we look at the situation in hospitals it is not yet there


Many of the measures that were announced leaked out earlier. For example, in six at-risk regions, no one is allowed in the pubs at midnight and the catering industry has to close at one oclock at night at the latest. In addition, the maximum permitted group size will be reduced to fifty. The measures will apply to the regions around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden and Haarlem and will enter at 6 pm on Sunday. The six regions where coronavirus infections are rapidly increasing jump from alert phase vigilant to worrisome. It is the second stage on the so-called escalation ladder for restrictive measures. According to De Jonge, it is likely that more security regions will follow and also have to implement restrictions.

Parks closed at night

Following the press conference of Rutte and De Jonge, the mayors of the at-risk regions announced additional measures. For example, Amsterdam closes preventive parks at night to prevent illegal parties. The Haaglanden region will intensify enforcement of the corona rules. Checks will be carried out at catering establishments, party halls, sports facilities and student associations. If the rules are broken following a warning, they will be closed for a fortnight. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond security region will also tighten up the corona measures again, for example at markets and in places with a lot of young people.